MMA USA TaeKwonDo...A Mixed Martial Arts School for anyone and everyone who wants to learn "the good stuff". Our lessons are taught  in a fun, very safe and professional environment for ages 4 and up. We have programs for your entire family.
At  MMA USA TKD we teach a  modern day  curriculum of  7-Disciplines. Respect is still very important but many of the techniques taught from traditional styles are outdated and sometimes even senseless against a Mixed martial artist who is smarter.
       We teach TaeKwonDo... "Korean Karate" and  Boxing  punches with head movement. Judo and Wrestling with a little Muay Thai thrown in for the Clinch and leg kicks. Hapkido for some great Womens self-defense  with escapes from wrist, throat and hair grabs, that really work vs stun and run only, and some grappling in the form of Brazilian style Jiu Jitsu using basic Wrestling concepts as a way to empower the jiu-jitsu.
     At MMA USA TKD we can develop a very well rounded martial artist capable of defending oneself wherever the fight might end up?  ie: ground, multiple- attackers. Men, women and children that have made our Black Belt can truly defend themselves vs just traditional TaeKwonDo.
Many Police officers and their families train at our school since they know when their life is on the line...we are serious about their safety. Many tell us we are the only school they trust to train them for possibly dealing with a life and death struggle.  All Lessons  are taught by James Lowe, No guest instructors are needed.  Our students practice the good stuff daily. We have a proven curriculum that is updated if the need might arise? a little tweaking here and there helps us stay on the cutting edge. Let USA TaeKwonDo help you acheive more than you ever thought possible for yourself or a loved one in 2016 and beyond.                                                                          
Respectfully, Senior Master James Lowe
                     6th Dan Black Belt
    World TaeKwonDo Federation Certified
   Empowering People in TKD since 1983!!! 
    Real Mixed Martial Arts Lessons with TaeKwonDo for Kids, Teens, Adults, Families
  We teach Real Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!
  For more information:
         (414) 571-1312
       Please Ask for Master Lowe
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     "Hello I would like to personally thank you for visiting our site and welcome you to our world.  If your interest is for an adult or a child our school is a place where Confidence, Skill, Respect and Earning your Belts vs buying them is still VERY important."
Its not the facility... but an experienced  Instructor who has patience and is teaching from the heart.
  Sr. Master Lowe voted #1 in teaching children! by parents from all surrounding schools of  Childrens TaeKwonDo in South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, Franklin and Cudahy. Since we give mileage discounts even if you don't live close? no problem, tuition discount. When you want a  safe, experienced instructor for your Kids TaeKwonDo, Karate or Mixed Martial Arts lessons imake MMA USA TKD your First choice.  I have been teaching Children since 1983 and have made 100's of amazing Black Belts under age 18.  Come down and see the difference Master Lowe can make in your Childs life. We offer Private lessons under 5 yrs.
  Fun, Self-Defense, the Safe Way! & absolute Best Way...with MMA!!!
Interesting TaeKwonDo Fact:
According to the World TaeKwonDo Federation there are over 76,640 1st Degree Black Belts registered in the United States.
Sr. Master Lowe being an officially recognized 6th Degree Black Belt by the World TaeKwonDo Fed. is one of only 592,
a True experienced Master who has devoted over 40 years of his life to the arts.
Experience the FUN !!!
2-3 Private Lessons only $24.95 w/ Master Lowe
We Hope to meet you Real Soon!
6th Dan Certifed World TaeKwonDo Fed. Sr. Master James Lowe
The First MMA school in Oak Creek and still the Best!!!